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What are the different types of Assessment that may be attached to recruitment process

There are many different types of assessments that can be attached to an interview. Some common types of assessments include:

  • Skills tests: These assess your ability to perform specific tasks or use certain tools or software. For example, a data entry test might be given to assess your speed and accuracy in entering information. 

  • Personality tests: These assess your personality traits, such as your level of extroversion or agreeableness. These tests are often used to determine whether your personality is a good fit for the company culture. 

  • Aptitude tests: These assess your ability to learn new skills and concepts, and may include verbal, numerical, or abstract reasoning questions. 

  • Case studies: These present a business problem or scenario and ask you to analyze the situation and propose a solution.

  • In-tray exercises: These present you with a series of simulated work tasks and ask you to prioritize and complete them within a certain time frame. 

  • Role plays: These involve acting out a specific scenario with the interviewer, often to assess your communication and problem-solving skills. 

  • Presentations: These may involve giving a presentation on a specific topic or delivering a pitch to a group of assessors.

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